24K Coffee Exfoliating Bar

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This coffee bar was designed to wake up and nourish your skin! The coffee grounds are infused with rich creams and each bar is topped with a dazzling gold mica dust.  

D E T A I L S : 

  • Coffee grounds ~ rich in antioxidants 
  • Rich Coconut cream ~ known to reduces inflammation and improves elasticity
  • Coffee Butter~ known to reduces the appearance of cellulite 

I N G R E D I E N T S :

Organic coconut oil, Palm oil, Coffee oil, Palm kernel flakes, Castor oil, Coffee butter, Coffee grinds, Chilled coffee, Coconut cream, Vanilla latte espresso fragrance oil, Gold mica mineral dust, Lye, Sodium Lactate, Titanium dioxide, Brown oxide 

S I Z E : 1” Bar 3 oz