Citrus Clay Bar

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WOW does this bar have some serious skin benefits. Let us take a brief looks at what we cooked up in this bar. We have jojoba oil, mango butter, rose clay, purple koline clay, and grapefruit essential oil, ginger essential oil and much more. This bar is sure to have your skin glowing in no time. 

D E T A I L S: 

Jojoba oil ~ Is known to moisturizes dry skin, can relieve sunburns, and is known to have antibacterial properties. It boosts skin's glow. Known to fade fine lines and wrinkles. known to soothe eczema-prone skin.

Mango butter ~ Known to reduce wrinkles & fine lines. Most importantly, mango butter contains vitamin A, an antioxidant that stimulates the skin's natural renewal process. It is known to encourage the skin to produce new, healthy skin cells. This may lead to improvements in the skin's texture and elasticity, and protects the skin against damage caused by UV radiation.

Rose clay ~  Known to removes dirt and oil from pores gently without stripping the skin, Contains silica to boost skin cell regeneration and elasticity, Brightens skin by gently exfoliating to remove dead skin cells, Has copper to promote collagen and elastin production, and improves skin tone.

Purple kaoline clay ~ Known to be helpful in preventing acne, managing dry skin,absorbing excess oil or sebum. Kaolin is also thought to be the mildest and most gentle clay used in skin care.

Grapefruit essential oil ~  known to be cleansing, to help balance oily complexions and to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne.

Ginger essential oil ~ Thanks to its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger Essential Oil  Has been said to work effectively to repair the epidermis. Whether it's blemishes, hyperpigmentation or more stubborn scars, its healing properties leave skin more soothed and even.

I N G R E D I E N T S:  Tallow, olive oil, babassu oil, mango butter, jojoba oil, castor oil, hemp seed oil, cucumber seed oil, lemongrass essential oil, ginger essential oil, basil essential oil, white tea, rose essential oil, bergomont essential oil, Yellow oxide, purple kaoline clay, rose clay, distilled water, lye

S I Z E: 2'' X 2''