Stormy Waters Beauty Bar

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This bar was created with luxury on the mind. This formula uses real silk fibers to infuse soap with all of the benefits that silk provides. This bar includes hemp seed oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter. This beauty bar will leave your skin deeply hydrated and covered in silk.

D E T A I L S :

  • Silk Noil ~ ( raw silk ) is untreated silk reeled from the cocoon. Raw silk is covered with the protein sericin. Sericin binds to the keratin in our skin forming a protective layer containing 18 amino acids as well as collagen becoming very similar to ours. This makes it easy to absorb into our skin.
  • Hemp seed oil ~ calms red and irritated skin and helps prevent and aid acne flare ups.

I N G R E D I E N T S :

Filtered water, olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic apricot kernel oil, Hemp seed oil,  organic cocoa butter, Silk Noil ( raw silk ) shea butter, lye, organic carrot seed oil, frankincense essential oil, Moon flower fragrance oil.

SIZE: 1” Bar